Understanding the egg donor requirements!


Many people who apply to donate eggs do so because they want to help others; this is the most important requirement for egg donors. But not every altruist satisfies the requirements.

Fertility treatments are costly and often emotionally stressful for the individual or couple. To increase the likelihood of success, only potential egg donors who are young, healthy, and meet scientifically proven requirements are approved for egg donation.

This blog post will explain in more detail the rationale behind some of the basic requirements for egg donors.

Overall healthy (physically and emotionally)

It’s important to be physically and mentally healthy, for your safety and because your state of health significantly affects the quality and quantity of your eggs. We also carefully review the medical and mental health histories of you and your family to look for anything that might indicate genetic concerns such as hereditary cancers, early-onset heart disease, drug or alcohol abuse, autoimmune diseases, autism, mental health problems, or other conditions. Of course, to ensure the best possible outcome for a future child, we do rigorous genetic testing in addition to a thorough examination of your family history.

Between the ages of 18 and 32

Since egg quality and quantity decline with age, we base our age parameters on the average reproductive peak of the female body. This means that you will respond well to the medication and produce high-quality eggs that will give the recipient(s) the best chance of success.

BMI above 18 and below 27

This requirement is for medical reasons only; there is no intention to discriminate against underweight or overweight individuals.

A lower or higher BMI may change the way your body responds to fertility medications and may leave you at a higher risk for medical complications.

No nicotine / drug use, or alcohol abuse

Nicotine and recreational drugs, as well as alcohol abuse, can negatively impact your overall health, the quality of your eggs, and the function of your ovaries. We require egg donors with sober habits to produce high-quality eggs that will give the recipient(s) the best chance of success and ensure a healthy outcome.

Have a regular menstrual cycle

A regular menstrual cycle (which occurs every 21–35 days and lasts 2–7 days) is a good indicator that your reproductive health and hormonal balance are in good shape, which is required to be an egg donor.

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Interested in becoming an egg donor?

What wonderful news that you wish to share your shine with the world by helping a family in need!