Our egg donor

basic Requirements

What wonderful news that you want to brighten someone’s world through egg donation! Having the heart for egg donation is the first requirement. But did you know that egg donation is regulated and that there are certain other requirements that must be met in order to be accepted into our egg donation program?

Below we have listed the basic requirements that you need to meet:

Showcase Your Uniqueness:

Standout Qualities and Attributes​

While meeting the basic requirements is crucial, possessing certain qualities and attributes can set you apart. Here’s what being a standout applicant means:

Calculate your BMI using our BMI calculator below:
Your Weight (kg):
Your Height (cm):

Your BMI:
This Means:
The BMI requirements are in place for medical reasons, not to discriminate. Watch our video to gain a clearer understanding of why BMI matters in the egg donation process.
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