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Process Breakdown

This is a general overview of what to expect! It's important to keep in mind that the order of the phases and the requirements may change depending on the clinic or destination you choose.

With Emerald Donors, you can be confident that you will be kept informed as each stage is completed and that you will always know what we are doing and where we are in the process!

Additionally, we strongly recommend viewing the Egg Donor Process to gain a thorough understanding of the screening and detailed processes required of our egg donor gems. ​

Choosing Your Donor

Phase 1
Choosing Your Donor

Duration: varies applicant to applicant.

Where: via email, phone and our egg donor database.

To view our database, you must first create an account. We’ll give you access within one business day after we’ve verified your information.
You are not granted immediate access because our database contains extensive information on our donors, and we have a responsibility to protect their personal information and photographs.

A member of the Emerald will contact your shortlisted/potential donor(s) to confirm her availability.


Phase 2

Duration: usually 1-2 business days (may take longer if you donor is unable to get to them).

Where: via email.

Once you have selected your egg donor, and she has confirmed her availability, you will receive an invoice for the deposit. Your donor will be marked as matched (and therefore unavailable) on our database once deposit has been received.

Your donor will sign the matched agreement to confirm she is committed to the process and will take the screening seriously.



Phase 3

Duration: spread over 4-12 weeks depending on the type of screening required, screening previously done and appointment availability.

Where: locally for the donor, unless an international service where an online meeting platform will be organized

Note: these screening reports will be shared with the clinic for their final approval.

We are not a provider of health care services. Egg Donors are not Emerald’s patients, nor are they the patients of any physician who is or may be employed by Emerald. Emerald does not provide counsel and/or interpretation to you relating to any medical or genetic services, and so on.

The screening is typically carried out in accordance with the standards of our medical director, the clinic and fertility specialist,  your your chosen destinations laws, recommendation and regulations (such as the ASMR, and the FDA), and may vary somewhat from clinic to clinic.

A physical exam, urine and blood tests (mainly for hormonal and infectious disease screening), a pelvic exam, an ultrasound, and a pap test are all common procedures.

A psychological examination will be performed on your egg donor. Psychological screening is to detect emotional issues, assess donor motives, and ensure that your egg donor is fully aware of the medical and psychological risks associated with donation.

A video call will be set up between your chosen fertility specialist and your egg donor. The Fertility Specialist will go over basic health information with her (confirming details), walk her through the process in detail, and address any potential side effects. The donor will be able to ask questions, express concerns, and get to know the specialist who will be caring for her.

Possible disqualifications of an egg donor in this phase include; exhibit risk factors, a positive test for infectious disease(s), genetic carrier of a major mendelian disorder, chromosomal abnormalities that could affect eggs, hormonal imbalances, psychiatric disorder, inappropriate motivations, and anything else that the clinic deems disqualifying.


Phase 4

Duration: 1 to 2 weeks depending on both parties.

Where: Depends on your chosen attorney’s requirements, but usually all conversations and contract reviews will be conducted via email and online sessions.

Note: We are not a provider of legal services. Emerald does not provide counsel and/or interpretation to you relating to any legal services, and so on.

Only when the clinic has determined that your egg donor’s screening is satisfactory will we proceed to this phase.

We will notify your designated legal team to begin the process by giving your personal information (e.g., complete legal name(s), marriage status, residential address, contact information, and passport copies).

They’ll draft a contract and go over it with you in detail. Once you’re satisfied with the contract, the donor’s legal team will review it with her and make any necessary modifications, if any, before returning it to your legal team.

Once both parties have signed the contract, legal clearance will be granted. A copy of this will be sent to the clinic.

Egg Donor Insurance

Phase 5
Egg Donor Insurance

Duration: 1 to 2 business days.

Where: Email.

Emerald organizes Egg Donor Complications Insurance on your behalf. A copy of the insurance card will be sent to the clinic.

Stimulation & Monitoring​

Phase 6
Stimulation & Monitoring

Duration: 10 to 14 days.

Where: Your egg donor will start the stimulation (a combination of medications) and monitoring locally. Between day 4 to 8 (depending on flights, clinic requests etc.) the donor will travel internationally to complete stimulation and monitoring at your selected clinic.

The donor will start her medication and follow a stimulation plan worked out and approved by the fertility specialist and reviewed by our medical director.

The donor will be required to undergo stimulation monitoring, which entails a combination of blood tests and scans (on average 2 at locally and 3 at the international clinic) to monitor her progress and the response of her ovaries. The medication protocol may be adjusted by the fertility specialist during the cycle depending on the stimulation monitoring results.

Your egg donor will be ready for the GnRH agonist, commonly known as the “trigger shot”, once the fertility specialist has determined that her follicles have developed and are optimally stimulated.


The clinic will give Emerald’s donor coordinator instructions on the exact time of the trigger shot. The egg retrieval takes place 36 hours after the trigger shot, which stimulates the final maturation of the eggs and triggers ovulation. 

Ovulation is the process where the egg’s protective casing, the follicle, raptures and expels the egg. The egg is then directed into the nearby fallopian tube, which serves as a passageway to the uterus. The egg retrieval is timed to catch the eggs shortly before they would start this journey.


Phase 7

Duration: 3 hours total (1 hour pre retrieval, 15 mins retrieval and 1 to 2 hour recovery).

Where: At the clinic’s theater location.

One hour before her egg retrieval, the egg donor will arrive at the clinic. She’ll be checked in, prepared, and made comfortable while she waits for her 15 to 20-minute retrieval.

The clinic will contact you to inform you of the egg count.

Your egg donor will be carefully monitored by Emerald’s donor coordinator in the next 24 hours. Should there be any concerns she will contact the clinic’s 24/7 line promptly.

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