How to make your egg donor profile shimmer!


Are you about to take the exciting step of filling out your egg donor application? Or do you feel like you have been waiting forever to get matched? Our egg donors often ask us, “How can I make my profile stand out?”


Your egg donor application is an essential part of the process, as it will form part of your profile that is provided to potential parents and our network egg bank. Think of your profile as a resume where people can learn about your social, medical, and family history and get a sense of who you are and what sets you apart—your unique sparkle. It only takes a few minutes to look at your profile, so make every minute count! Please note that your identity and personal information will never be revealed in your profile.


Here are some tips for filling out your egg donor application so your profile can stand out!


Capture their hearts with photos!

Your photos, the first thing seen, make the difference between someone stopping to learn more about you or scrolling past your profile. Many intended parents are looking for an egg donor who has similar physical characteristics to themselves.


You can upload an unlimited number of photos; the more photos you have, the better. Add a variety of photos of you in different poses and settings, such as:

  • A range of ages showcasing your appearance over the course of your life, from your early years to the present.
  • Engaged in activities you enjoy to show your personality and interests! For instance, hiking, horseback riding, dining out, traveling, with your pets, etc.
  • Include photos of you dressed up and looking glamorous and others in casual clothing without makeup.
  • If applicable, include photos of you at graduation or at work (in your scrubs, giving a speech, on a shoot, etc.).
  • Be sure to include a variety of angles, including full-body photos and photos that show only your face.


Remember to upload photos where you are smiling! An egg donor who exudes happiness is hugely appealing.


Avoid choosing the following photos:

  • blurry, too contrasty, or pixelated;
  • your face is not visible because of sunglasses or an oversized hat;
  • edited to change your appearance; and
  • overly “racy.”


This is your chance to shine!

Modesty has no place in this situation! Put your best foot forward by highlighting your many interests, skills, and accomplishments in your application. One of the most common mistakes is a one- or two-sentence summary of the applicant’s personality; after all, you are multi-faceted and fascinating, so tell us all about yourself!


Do not let typos dim your light!

We realize that the application is long; however, you should take enough time to fill it out as best you can. Before you click the submit button, polish your application by doing a spell check and proofreading your answers. First impressions are important!


Details make up the whole picture!

Our best egg donor profiles consist of good grammar and spelling, complete sentences, and thoughtful responses. The more you write, the stronger the connection the viewer will have to your profile. Avoid one-word answers in the written sections, or leave the field blank.


Honesty > Impression

Always answer questions honestly. Your profile should appeal to prospective parents by providing detailed answers and highlighting your best qualities, but the information should be accurate.


Put the finishing touches on your profile with an egg donor video!

While the video is not required, we have found that intended parents are drawn to egg donor profiles with an introductory video. The video gives an even better picture of who you are in real life, what your facial expressions look like, and a clearer idea of your personality. Including a donor video in your profile is highly recommended. You should receive a video guide if your application is accepted. This guide includes advice on what to do and what not to do, as well as suggestions for topics.


In the end, when filling your application out the best advice we can give is be yourself and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! Good luck in completing your application and taking this first important step in this exciting adventure.


Interested in becoming an egg donor?

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