Egg Donor Requirements

Are you thinking about becoming an egg donor? Before applying, we recommend reviewing our egg donor requirements.

Egg Donor Requirements

Our egg donor requirements are listed below. These requirements are in accordance with industry standards established by regulatory bodies (such as the ASRM and FDA) to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including yourself.

What are the basic requirements?

It’s important to be physically and mentally healthy, mainly for your safety and because your state of health significantly affects the quality and quantity of your eggs. We also carefully review the medical and mental health histories of you and your family to look for anything that might indicate genetic concerns such as hereditary cancers, early-onset heart disease, drug or alcohol abuse, autoimmune diseases, autism, mental health problems, or other conditions. Of course, to ensure the best possible outcome for a future child, we do rigorous genetic testing in addition to a thorough examination of your family history.

Because egg quality and quantity decline with age, we set our age parameters to the average female body’s reproductive peak. This means you will respond well to the medication and produce high-quality eggs, providing the recipient(s) with the best chance of success.

This requirement is solely for medical reasons; there is no intention to discriminate against people who are underweight or overweight. A lower or higher BMI can change the way your body responds to fertility medications and may leave you at a higher risk of medical complications.

Your Weight (kg):
Your Height (cm):

Your BMI:
This Means:

Nicotine and recreational drugs, as well as alcohol abuse, can negatively impact your overall health, the quality of your eggs, and the function of your ovaries. We require egg donors with sober habits to produce high-quality eggs that will give the recipient(s) the best chance of success and ensure a healthy outcome.

A regular cycle is a good indicator that your reproductive health and hormonal balance is in good shape!

Of course, as part of the screening, your reproductive health is assessed, but to begin with, you shouldn’t have any present or prior reproductive problems.

If selected to donate your eggs, you will be expected to:

The contraceptive pill allows us to synchronize your cycle for the donation and travel dates


You’ll need to attend a few appointments (clinic & blood depot) for your screening and monitoring. Most of these are flexible and we try our best to arranged them to fit your schedule.


This typically includes physical exams, genetic testing, ultrasounds, and blood tests for general health, hormone levels, and infectious disease screening. A psychologist’s consultation will ensure this is the right journey for you and that you meet our mental health criteria.


Although it may sound intimidating, it really isn’t because the needles are small and easy to use. You will also receive detailed instructions as well as full guidance and support from the medical and coordinating (who have used the injections in their own egg donation journeys) teams. However, you should be aware that injections are part of the deal!

This involves a 15–20 minute surgical procedure, using a mild sedative (yes, you are asleep). There is no cutting, as the eggs are collected with the assistance of transvaginal ultrasound guidance. While the process of retrieving eggs from your ovaries may seem intimidating, it’s actually a fairly common procedure, and it usually comes with minimal side effects. Please refer to our egg donation process page to read about the full process and the risks).

You are required to travel internationally for 1-2 weeks for the donation, unless you already reside in the country where the donation will take place. Our network clinics are located in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Traveling necessitates scheduling time off of work, planning to donate during academic breaks, and managing other obligations. We respect your busy and exciting schedule, so we will always discuss times and dates that work for you because we respect your schedule.


We rely on our donors to be responsive and communicative when it comes to screening, monitoring, scheduling, and travel arrangements because we are dealing with deadlines, finances, and reporting to various parties.


We are excited to be part of your egg donation journey!

If you meet the above requirements, we encourage you to apply to become an Egg Donor with Emerald Donors today. Once you have submitted your application, someone from our team will be in touch with you. We are honored to be a part of your efforts to make the world a better place.